The fourth updated edition of the new political manifesto for all Americans (excluding the top 2% of the economic ladder) has now been published. The first mass counter offensive against the class war that was initiated by the rich against all the rest of middle America is being stepped up with the publication of this book. The problems of mass unemployment, wholesale foreclosures, a broken public school system and healthcare system, of mass inequality due to an illegal transfer of wealth, predatory student loans and a rigged economic system have now become the new civil rights issues of the 21st century. Before the publication of this book, the civil rights movement in America had been marking time ever since Rev. Dr. King was assassinated in April of 1968. But as of now, that historic movement of the people has been re-initiated. This book and its author lend another voice to the growing chorus of American dissenters who want an end to ten years of endless war. This book is intended to be the handbook for this new civil rights/antiwar movement. There has not been a book like this published since “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine was published at the start of the US Revolutionary War. This book is a must-read for everyone who is concerned about America's future.


The Middle and Working Class Manifesto fourth edition

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  • The newest addition to the "Good Words That Need to be Heard" series