Author & Minister Paul J. Bern

His Own Story

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At home at my workstation
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At church playing the keys
On the road at Macon, Ga.
On the road at Orlando, Florida

Hello! My name is Minister Paul J. Bern, and I'm a long-time resident of Atlanta, Ga. I'm now on my fourth career as a writer, blogger (, and as a volunteer pastor and administrator for Progressive Christian Ministries of Greater Atlanta, Inc. I found myself forced into early retirement after surviving a stroke, plus some other medical issues and becoming disabled in 2008. Prior to that, I had enjoyed a 21-year career in computers and Information Technology, including being a computer store owner for 8 years all through the 1990's. Only recently has God made me healthy enough to return to work full time!

I also attend a church close by where I play keyboards every Sunday morning as a musician. So on one hand, I'm a Web evangelist, author and civil rights crusader. By the same token, I'm a Caucasian ambassador for Christ and missionary to the inner city of Atlanta, starting with the traditionally black churches. It has been my observation that Black folks have been mistreated at the hands of whites for hundreds of years, as we well know. Somebody has got to begin the process of helping these people to heal, and I firmly believe that God has placed me in this situation for this very purpose. Are there any others out there doing this kind of outreach? I sure hope so because it is necessary if American society can heal from the scourge of slavery. How much longer should white America bear the guilt of slavery? And how much longer should black America endure the shame thereof? This has got to stop, it's up to people like ourselves to make it so, and God is watching to see what we will do, of that you can be sure.