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Coming May 7th, 2021, for one day , and only from this website, my latest faith based nonfiction softback, "What We Want and Why We Want It" by Rev Paul J. Bern will be available for only $12.97 with free shipping

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My New Book Series, "The Social Gospel Teaching Volumes 1-3" Is Now Available here on this website. Click this link to place your order.

The Social Gospel Teaching Series Volumes 1 - 3:

Where Real Truth, Social Justice and the Bible Meet

The Social Gospel

Teaching Series

Vol. 1:  the Apostle Luke

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The Social Gospel Teaching Series vol. 2: the Acts of the Apostles

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The Social Gospel Teaching
Series Vol. 3: the Apostle Paul
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Get this entire 3-volume set at a substantial discount! Regularly $19.95 each, get the entire set for just $49.75, and with free shipping too!

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Seven years in the making, this series of nonfiction books is a lot more than just a compilation of Bible studies. This collection of the apostles Luke & Paul's writings presents them from broader perspectives that are much more applicable to modern life than one might expect. The author juxtaposes the relevancy of the apostles' writings to 21st century life, and the application of old terminologies to modern thinking. Packed with useful material for pastors, laity and teachers! Each study is limited to a few pages for the sake of brevity. These studies are done from a whole new 21st century perspective that is sure to educate while making the process enjoyable. Over 350 pages of enlightenment! A must-read for believers, whether they attend church or not!

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